Peppa Hart is much more than a brand. 

Sophie Bell is the founder and creative genius behind the lifestyle juggernaut. Synonymous with style, art and design, Peppa Hart is renowned for creating a world filled with adventure, love, fun and much more.


Sophie Bell, Peppa Hart


SMM “Sophie is a dream to collaborate with, with summer at the forefront of her brand the concept came about easily. We wanted to truly hero her playful style and vibrant colour palette, which compliments this capsule perfectly.
We let Sophie steer the design ship completely on this project, infusing her quirky signature hand drawn shapes as elements amongst prints with the Peppa hart colour wheel in full focus.


We're so proud to have created a unique piece together for our latest FINN capsule; a bespoke mini sarong for our minis to wear and love. 
Encompassing our signature SMM style, we hope your mini will cherish their one-of-a-kind sarong for all their mini adventures for years to come."



Q & A with Peppa Hart


Who inspires your style?

I am inspired by so much—books, magazines, social media. More recently, we spent several months traveling through Europe, and I was incredibly inspired by the effortlessly chic European women. The Spanish ladies just look so good, even when they are heading to the supermarket. Their effortless sophistication in mixing beautiful fabrics and prints had me captivated.

When it comes to more celebrity style, I love Christine Centenera, Hailey Bieber, and Sophia Richie Grange – but I find the best inspiration comes from everyday life and travel. I particularly love mixing textures, like a sheer lace skirt with an oversized knit t-shirt.

I have a mega love and passion masculine shapes; I have always shopped in the men's section, especially for button-up shirts and blazers. I then mix those with a beautiful, feminine, delicate slip dress or skirt.

I’m also really inspired by strong colours and art. I love how colours and prints make me feel, and most of my inspiration tends to come from summers traveling. Our beautiful lifestyle plays a big part in how I dress and what I design. I love looking at clothing as art, so a lot of our designs are artworks printed on a scale.


Describe your style in three words…

Bold, eclectic and fun. 


Your brand (Peppa Hart) is so unique. How did it start?

I started Peppa Hart when I was at uni as a little blog on the side. It was a way to express my creativity, and I never imagined it would become a business; it was just a way to share fashion and lifestyle content that made me happy. After uni, I was working for an AFL team, which I loved, but it was a very masculine environment, so I continued with the blog as a way to keep that side of my mind going.

As time went on, I started to get approached by people to style their houses like mine or to create weddings like mine or dinner parties like we would have. Before I knew it, it had become something I couldn’t continue to manage while working full time. It’s now been a decade of running my own company with a wonderful team, and we have worked on all kinds of things, from building up other people's brands with our creative agency, to working on fitouts for large shopping centers to TV appearances. It's been a wild and wonderful ride.

I feel lucky every single day that I get to do what I absolutely LOVE for work. My husband and family all help in my business; it’s a real family affair. I will never stop working my butt off so we can continue to build and create together. As the years have gone on, our business has evolved so much, and now, instead of building up our clients' brands and products, we are focusing on our own range of clothing and homewares, which has brought a whole new level of excitement for me personally.


What are your favourite fashion Labels for your minis? 

I absolutely LOVE Style My Mini and the whole concept of the brand – it’s absolutely genius and creates so much ease for parents. The cute, fun vibes of each capsule collection are perfect for our little ones, and we absolutely love dressing the kids in everything.

Our kids wear a lot of Zara Kids as it's easy to get in Indonesia, Millk, Bbobbie, By Billie, Country Road, ZZ Mini and more - I love supporting small businesses in Aus, so many amazing brands. 


What do you look for when purchasing pieces for your minis? 

High-quality materials that wash well are essential for us. Living on a tropical island, we want pieces that are light, comfortable, and feature stylish designs that our kids will love. Both kids now have more of an opinion on what they wear. Peps is not loving dresses and prefers shorts and t-shirts, while Hendrix leans towards more grown-up and minimal vibes. We also love to hand things down; Peps is currently living in her brother's shirts.


Peppa Hart X